Making policies work
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The changing international landscape and the growing role of emerging economies in Africa has increased the pressure on EU-Africa dialogue frameworks to deliver concrete developmental outcomes in both North and sub-Saharan Africa.

The core aim of the ‘Africa’s Change Dynamics‘ Programme is to contribute to a stronger and more balanced dialogue between Europe and Africa on the central issue of promoting good governance for sustainable development, especially through the Joint Africa EU Strategy (JAES).

To enhance the links between the dynamics on the ground with the EU’s efforts to support governance, we assist EU-Africa dialogue on governance within the framework of the 2014-2017 EU-Africa Summit Roadmap. This will capitalise on our knowledge of on-going dynamics, including the operations of the African Governance Architecture and on-the-ground work with non-state actors and civil society in Africa.

The programme seeks better understanding how Africa is formulating its common positions in international forums and it will develop analysis of Africa’s emerging international role, with insight on the role played by regional powers, mid-sized and emerging African economies and their respective effect on Africa’s international partnerships.