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Delivering sustainable support to trade policy making: A practitioner's view in the case of Rwanda

Publications | Published on 25-02-2014

Good trade policy development is dependent on capacity of system of actors, not just capacity of ind [...]


The European Union's Political and Development Response to Rwanda

Publications | Published on 31-10-2013

'Fragile states are understood to be countries facing latent or protracted conflict (including situa [...]


Développer les capacités d'une administration fiscale - L'Office rwandais des recettes

Publications | Published on 01-10-2006

Tony Land

[gview file=" [...]


Spirited away: The fading importance of resettlement in the emergency transit mechanism in Rwanda

Blog | Published on 28-10-2019

On 10 October, 123 refugees were evacuated from Libya to Niger. This is the second evacuation under [...]

Youth employment opportunities in African agrifood systems

GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 21-02-2017

Rapidly transforming agrifood systems has the potential to drive the expansion of youth employment a [...]

Gender budgeting in sub-Saharan Africa

GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 16-05-2017

Rwanda and Uganda are two sub-Saharan African countries that have achieved success with gender budge [...]

Business development through smallholders farmers in East Africa

GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 07-09-2015

The teamwork involved in growing East Africa s economies - from the government, to TMEA, to the priv [...]

Delivering Sustainable Support to Trade Policy Making: A Practicioner's View in the Case of Rwanda

GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 29-11-2013

This note outlines the approach taken by the Long Term Technical Assistance (LTTA) of Trade Mark Eas [...]

The European Union, the East African Community, and the Continental Integration of Africa - Potential and Challenges

Events | Published on 25-09-2018

Emmanuel De Groof

This international conference will be part of the Jean Monnet Eurafrican Dialogues in Rwanda, themse [...]

Pamphile Sebahara's external publications and contributions

Pages | Published on 13-03-2019