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When local content requirements meet technological innovations

GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 10-07-2017

The robots are coming to the mine nearest you. Technological innovations are shaping our future and [...]

4th Annual Africa Australia Research Forum

Events | Published on 08-08-2014

Isabelle Ramdoo (Alumna)

Africa Research Group About the conference The positive, changing face of the African continent is c [...]

Local content, trade and investment: Is there policy space left for linkages development in resource-rich countries?

Publications | Published on 08-12-2016

Isabelle Ramdoo (Alumna)

Local content policies (LCPs) seek to promote the supply of domestically produced goods and services [...]


Treasure Hunt: Do Extractive Resources Work for Development?

GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 10-12-2013

Isabelle Ramdoo (Alumna)

Africa hosts at least a third of the world s known extractive resources. A glance at economic prospe [...]

Private Sector for Development: How Private Investments have helped Mining Sector Growth

GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 12-06-2014

Today s widely accepted thesis that the private sector is a key engine of economic growth stands in [...]

Leveraging Africa's Extractive Sector for Inclusive Economic Transformation

GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 24-07-2014

Africa is endowed with some of the world s largest mineral reserves, including three-quarters of the [...]