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CoP meeting Food Systems Governance Mechanisms

Events | Published on 14-01-2020

Koen Dekeyser | Paulina Bizzotto Molina

ECDPM's Koen Dekeyser and Paulina Bizzotto Molina participated in the Community of Practice meeting [...]

APSA Impact Monitoring: workshop reviewing the methodology

Events | Published on 13-01-2020

Sophie Desmidt

ECDPM's Sophie Desmidt will attend this two-day workshop organised by GIZ and the Institute for Peac [...]

Botswana: One of Africa’s most stable democracies, but where are the women?

Blog | Published on 02-12-2019

Philomena Apiko

Botswana held its first genuinely competitive elections on 23 October 2019. Unlike previous election [...]

The African Continental Free Trade Area and the politics of industrialisation

Blog | Published on 18-11-2019

Bruce Byiers | Sean Woolfrey

November 20 is Africa industrialisation day. To mark the occasion, the African Union has planned a s [...]

Intergovernmental organisations and climate risks

GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 31-10-2019

Intergovernmental organisations (IGOs), such as the United Nations, are increasingly integrating mit [...]

A cross-cutting agenda: Gender, climate change and conflict

GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 31-10-2019

Gender equality is crucial to achieve climate justice, to resolve conflict and to maintain peace. Ma [...]

The paradox of climate change: How Africa can step up climate action to lighten its vulnerability

Blog | Published on 14-10-2019

Pamella Ahairwe

Africa is the most vulnerable continent to global warming. About 70% of Africans depend on agricultu [...]

Connecting the dots for sustainable food systems in Kenya

Blog | Published on 04-10-2019

Francesco Rampa | Koen Dekeyser

Last month, we organised a workshop in Nairobi to discuss the first report of our Sustainable Agrifo [...]

7th Pan-African Conference: Taxing Intangibles, Financial Technology (FinTech) and the Digitalised Economy

Events | Published on 26-09-2019

Luckystar Miyandazi

The Pan Africa Conference on Illicit Financial flows and Taxation is an Annual convening that brings [...]

Finance to adapt: Making climate funding work for agriculture at the local level

Publications | Published on 16-09-2019

Francesco Rampa | Hanne Knaepen

Bethany Tietjen, Francesco Rampa and Hanne Knaepen take a closer look at finance for climate adaptat [...]