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Sustainable rural employment or corporate social responsibility? An analysis of dairy partnerships between business and civil society organisations in Tanzania and Kenya

Publications | Published on 30-05-2016

Bruce Byiers | Karim Karaki

In a context where the development community aims to engage and work with the private sector for dev [...]


“Wicked hard problems” and isomorphic what?

Blog | Published on 08-03-2012

Bruce Byiers

Lant Pritchett, a Harvard University Professor, was the keynote speaker at the OECD Development Cent [...]

CSO-business partnerships for development: Issues & Challenges

Publications | Published on 17-05-2016

Alfonso Medinilla | Bruce Byiers | Karim Karaki

Building on its work on partnerships, ECDPM took a closer look at the main characteristics and insti [...]


Multi-stakeholder partnerships: Implications for stakeholders

Events | Published on 21-04-2016

Bruce Byiers | Karim Karaki

In light of the 2030 Agenda, inclusive multi-stakeholder partnerships are perceived and promoted as [...]

Agricultural growth corridors: Mapping potential research gaps on impact, implementation and institutions

Publications | Published on 17-11-2016

Bruce Byiers | Paul Engel (Alumnus) | Paulina Bizzotto Molina

Growth corridor strategies are increasingly invoked to coordinate public and private investment arou [...]


Corridors as industrial policy? Linking people, policies and places

GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 18-06-2015

Bruce Byiers

This article discusses the origins and key characteristics of some important corridor initiatives as [...]

Monitoring Regional Integration - tedious or a tool?

Blog | Published on 07-11-2012

Bruce Byiers

With burgeoning regional integration and free-trade arrangements around the world, a key question is [...]

The African Continental Free Trade Area and the politics of industrialisation

Blog | Published on 18-11-2019

Bruce Byiers | Sean Woolfrey

November 20 is Africa industrialisation day. To mark the occasion, the African Union has planned a s [...]

Regional organisations in Africa - Mapping multiple memberships

Blog | Published on 15-09-2017

Bruce Byiers

ECDPM has developed an interactive map to help you navigate the complex landscape of Regional Organi [...]

Donor coordination and transport in West Africa - towards people, partnership and prosperity?

Blog | Published on 09-12-2016

Bruce Byiers

Trade facilitation can seem a somewhat mundane topic - it s mostly about procedures and logistics af [...]