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South Africa - Competing with the other BRICs in Africa

GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 09-04-2014

South Africa often markets itself as the gateway to Africa. This position becomes increasingly quest [...]

What does Africa need from the WTO conference?

Press Releases | Published on 14-12-2015

Emily Barker (Alumna)

The 10th World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial Conference in Nairobi, Kenya begins this week. I [...]

Land grabs the old fashioned way: South Africa’s sad centennial

Blog | Published on 21-06-2013

Jan Vanheukelom

Awaking on Friday morning, June 20 1913 the South African native found himself, not actually a slave [...]

Letter from South Africa

GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 17-06-2019

Dear EU leaders, You must feel the world has turned topsy-turvy in the last couple of years. Fallen [...]

BRIC's Approaches to Development Financing.

GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 05-12-2013

he coming unto the scene of development financing by Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRICs) has int [...]

The year of new crises for Africa’s youth

Blog | Published on 11-12-2017

Ahead of our annual Challenges Paper, published in January 2018, Asmita Parshotam from the South Afr [...]

EPA Update, GREAT insights, Volume 1, Issue 7 (September 2012)

GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 25-11-2013

This section covers recent EPA developments in the EAC, Caribbean, Pacific and SADC regions. Stay tu [...]

Interview with João Samuel Caholo, former SADC Deputy Executive Secretary

GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 04-12-2013

Kathleen van Hove

ECDPM: There seems to be a considerable gap in terms of regional integration (RI) commitments and th [...]