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Budget hawks circling EU development aid

Blog | Published on 07-11-2012

This article was written by Laura Mayer. Florian Kratke co-authored this article. European Heads of [...]

Challenges 2014: Win-Wins Affect Interests, Can They Effect Economic Transformation?

Blog | Published on 30-10-2013

Bruce Byiers

+++ ECDPM Challenges blog series. Post number three +++Will 2014 Be a Year of Implementation?If 201 [...]

What can bridge the divide between humanitarian aid and development?

Blog | Published on 19-09-2012

Volker Hauck

To meet the challenges that natural disasters, armed conflicts and structural forms of fragility bri [...]

Why a new Dutch Food and Nutrition Security Policy should invest more in improving governance

Blog | Published on 16-09-2014

A review of Dutch food security policy is underway. By the end of this year, the Ministries of Forei [...]

How can The Netherlands most Effectively Contribute to Achieving Sustainable Food Systems?

Blog | Published on 02-09-2014

Jeske van Seters

A review of Dutch food security policy is underway. By the end of this year, the Ministries of Forei [...]

Climate Change at the EDDs: What is Going to Happen Now?

Blog | Published on 06-12-2013

Hanne Knaepen

Climate change does not respect borders and it is a threat that multiplies quickly to other sectors. [...]

Charting change at the European External Action Service (EEAS)

Blog | Published on 08-06-2012

Andrew Sherriff

Organisational charts in general can t tell you much about what happens behind the scenes in a compa [...]

West Africa on the Move to Accelerate the Implementation of its Regional Agricultural Policy (ECOWAP)

Blog | Published on 25-07-2013

Jeske van Seters

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) is undertaking efforts to accelerate the impl [...]

9th WTO Ministerial in Bali: Trade Deal Struck, but What Implications for Geopolitics?

Blog | Published on 11-12-2013

The 159 members of the World Trade Organization finally agreed on a deal in the early hours of Satur [...]

The EU’s Nobel Peace Prize in a global perspective: no time for self-flagellation or complacency

Blog | Published on 15-10-2012

Geert Laporte

For some, this was very poor timing or even a joke. For others the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize cou [...]