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EuroPCom 2015: 6th European Conference for Public Communication

Events | Published on 13-10-2015

Emily Barker (Alumna)

Jointly organised by the EU institutions, EuroPCom is the annual event for communicating in/on Europ [...]

Media and Foreign Policy in the Digital Age

Events | Published on 16-03-2015

Emily Barker (Alumna)

The Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum is a congress with international reach. Having steadily grown [...]

Rendre l’agriculture africaine intelligente sur le plan climatique

Press Releases | Published on 16-11-2015

Emily Barker (Alumna)

Neuf sur dix Africains travaillent dans l agriculture, et l Afrique est le continent le plus vulnér [...]

EU leaders cannot afford climate change 'oblivion' as heated debate on 2030 targets begins

Press Releases | Published on 23-10-2014

Emily Barker (Alumna)

Today EU leaders meet for a heated debate on specific targets for 2030 on climate change and energy. [...]

EU needs to create uniformed climate change policy through strong political leadership

Press Releases | Published on 22-09-2014

Alisa Herrero Cangas | Emily Barker (Alumna) | Hanne Knaepen

Europe is set to play an important role in the negotiations on a new legally binding global treaty o [...]

Una Europa estable no puede vivir aislada, advierten renombrados think tanks europeos

Press Releases | Published on 01-09-2014

Emily Barker (Alumna)

[Esta nota de prensa está también disponible en inglés, alemán y holandés]Tras la elección de [...]

Joint Africa EU Strategy essential for Africa and Europe, but needs to be politically aware - brand new study reveals

Press Releases | Published on 24-03-2014

Emily Barker (Alumna)

Despite problems, a renewed Joint Africa EU Strategy (JAES) is essential for a working partnership b [...]

Policies matter in financing for development

Press Releases | Published on 10-07-2015

Emily Barker (Alumna) | James Mackie

Next week over 7,000 people will descend on Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to discuss one of the most vital q [...]

Time to fundamentally rethink ACP-EU relations

Press Releases | Published on 07-01-2016

Emily Barker (Alumna)

The partnership between the European Union (EU) and the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group n [...]

What does Africa need from the WTO conference?

Press Releases | Published on 14-12-2015

Emily Barker (Alumna)

The 10th World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial Conference in Nairobi, Kenya begins this week. I [...]