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A Guide to EU decision making on Africa

Multimedia | Published on 27-02-2015

Alisa Herrero Cangas | Clément Silverman (Alumnus) | Damien Helly | Essete Abebe Bekele (Alumna) | Greta Galeazzi | Rhys Williams (Alumnus) | Tanit Parada-Tur (Alumna)

How does the EU make decisions that matter for Africa? Who and what are the main players and institu [...]

EU support to governance at a critical juncture:

Publications | Published on 29-10-2013

Alisa Herrero Cangas

Recent research findings, based on advanced political economy analysis, suggest that donors support [...]


Africa-EU Dialogue on Governance for Development

Topics | Published on 14-10-2013

Alisa Herrero Cangas | Damien Helly | Faten Aggad-Clerx | Jean Bossuyt | Joyce Olders

The changing international landscape and the growing role of emerging economies in Africa has increa [...]

EU needs to create uniformed climate change policy through strong political leadership

Press Releases | Published on 22-09-2014

Alisa Herrero Cangas | Emily Barker (Alumna) | Hanne Knaepen

Europe is set to play an important role in the negotiations on a new legally binding global treaty o [...]

Fonds fiduciaires de l’UE – Vers une action extérieure plus intégrée ?

Publications | Published on 10-12-2015

Alisa Herrero Cangas | Anna Knoll | Volker Hauck

Messages clés Les fonds fiduciaires accordent la possibilité à l UE et ses États membres de r [...]


Supporting effective regional integration? What the 11th EDF programming tells us

Publications | Published on 20-05-2016

Alisa Herrero Cangas | Cecilia Gregersen (Alumna)

Key messages Regional integration is one of the cornerstones of EU's development and international c [...]


Presentation of the ETTG Report on EU Global Action

Events | Published on 26-08-2014

Alisa Herrero Cangas | James Mackie

The European Think Tanks Group will be presenting the report on EU global action, entitled 'Our Coll [...]

Reconciling EU Interests and Values: A New Vision for Global Development

Events | Published on 25-07-2014

Alisa Herrero Cangas | James Mackie | Melissa Julian | Paul Engel (Alumnus)

As the process of appointing a new EU leadership team gets underway, now is the time for new and sus [...]

Human Rights in EU Trade and Development Policies: Following the Silver Thread

Events | Published on 03-12-2015

Alisa Herrero Cangas

This international conference aims to discuss the findings of the FRAME project regarding the impact [...]

EU Aid

Topics | Published on 14-10-2013

Alisa Herrero Cangas | Andrew Sherriff | Anna Knoll | Annabelle Laferrère | Cecilia Gregersen (Alumna) | Damien Helly | Greta Galeazzi | James Mackie

Taken together, aid via the EU institutions for the period 2014-2020 amounts to over € 85 billion. [...]