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European external affairs

Programmes | Published on 13-10-2013

Alisa Herrero Cangas | Andrew Sherriff | Anna Knoll | Annette Powell | Cecilia Gregersen (Alumna) | Damien Helly (Alumnus) | Greta Galeazzi (Alumna)

The EU is dealing with a number of challenges close to home, while at the same time aiming to play a [...]

Is global development achievable?

Events | Published on 09-09-2015

Alisa Herrero Cangas | Anna Knoll | Asmita Parshotam (Alumna) | Damien Helly (Alumnus) | Geert Laporte | James Mackie | Sebastian Große-Puppendahl

Development is becoming globalised. The global development architecture is rapidly going through maj [...]


Getting to Zero: Prospects for Poverty Reduction in Africa

Events | Published on 30-09-2014

Damien Helly (Alumnus)

The eradication of poverty is one of the major targets of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) an [...]

The EU Comprehensive Approach an opportunity for better cooperation and impact

Events | Published on 19-02-2016

Damien Helly (Alumnus)

The aim of the seminar is to analyse how to improve internal coordination and external cooperation a [...]

Dignity and Justice for All: Post-2015 Development Agenda and Good Governance

Events | Published on 27-01-2015

Damien Helly (Alumnus)

2015 is labeled European Year for Development. It is thus an opportunity to raise awareness for deve [...]

Culture and Diplomacy: Europe's Enabling Power in an Open World

GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 27-03-2014

Damien Helly (Alumnus)

Cultural relations are not only an asset in the race for soft power competitiveness. In times of cri [...]