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Policy coherence across the food system for nutrition: from challenge to opportunity?

GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 12-09-2017

Policy coherence occurs when policy actions across sectors and stakeholders are actively aligned tow [...]

Étude sur la cohérence des politiques pour le développement agricole et la sécurité alimentaire : le cas de l'agriculture et du commerce au Burkina Faso

Publications | Published on 12-07-2017

Carmen Torres | Fabien Tondel

Depuis un certain temps la notion de cohérence des politiques a joué un rôle central dans les dé [...]


Addressing the hunger-poverty nexus: What policy coherence means for the 2030 Agenda

Events | Published on 04-07-2017

Fabien Tondel | James Mackie | Martin Ronceray

United Nations High-level Political Forum 2017 - Side event Achieving Food Security requires integra [...]

Video: Policy coherence for sustainable development

Multimedia | Published on 24-03-2017

Franz Ferdinand Rothe (Alumnus) | James Mackie

With the advent of the 2030 Agenda, the principle of policy coherence has been extended to cover the [...]

Policy Coherence & the 2030 Agenda

Publications | Published on 23-03-2017

Eunike Spierings | James Mackie | Martin Ronceray

James Mackie, Martin Ronceray and Eunike Spierings made the following presentation at the event at D [...]


Policy coherence and the 2030 Agenda: Building on the PCD experience

Publications | Published on 16-03-2017

Eunike Spierings | James Mackie | Martin Ronceray

After two decades of stressing the importance of policy coherence, European and Organisation for Eco [...]


Policy coherence for development on food security in Burkina Faso

Events | Published on 31-01-2017

Carmen Torres | Fabien Tondel

In 2016 CEDRES and ECDPM carried out a study to better understand the effectiveness of different nat [...]