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Towards a Post-Hyogo Framework for Action: Strengthening Disaster Resilience for Sustainable Development

Events | Published on 20-01-2015

Matthias Deneckere

The aim of the workshop is to provide a forum for discusion between MEPs and the representatives of [...]

Maritime Security in the Gulf of Guinea: What Has Been Done, What Needs to Be Done?

Events | Published on 31-08-2015

Matthias Deneckere

Though the Gulf of Guinea and maritime insecurity may have been absent from the headlines recently, [...]

The EU and Peacebuilding

Events | Published on 31-08-2015

Sophie Desmidt

The training seminar will analyse the EU s institutional capacity regarding conflict prevention and [...]

Video: Joseph Whittal - EDD15

Multimedia | Published on 02-10-2015

Sophie Desmidt

ECDPM spoke to Joseph Whittal (Deputy Commissioner of Human Rights, Ghana) at this year's European D [...]

Avant la lettre? The EU's Comprehensive Approach (to crises) in the Sahel

Publications | Published on 06-02-2015

Damien Helly (Alumnus) | Greta Galeazzi (Alumna)

The EU Sahel Strategy very much pre-dated the efforts on the Comprehensive Approach. This Briefing N [...]


Europe’s Security Order – De-Construction or Re-Construction?

Events | Published on 23-03-2015

Willy Kokolo (Alumnus)

The Ukraine crisis has revealed the fragility of the European security architecture. The aim to crea [...]

Conférence internationale sur la République centrafricaine

Events | Published on 18-05-2015

Volker Hauck

Le thème central de cette conférence de haut niveau est : De l'humanitaire à la résilience et l' [...]

EU Trust Funds - Shaping more comprehensive external action?

Publications | Published on 20-11-2015

Alisa Herrero Cangas | Anna Knoll | Volker Hauck

EU Trust Funds (EUTFs) are a new instrument in EU external action. Their creation responds to the EU [...]


Workshop of the European Network for Conflict Research

Events | Published on 02-03-2015

Volker Hauck

The European Network for Conflict Research (ENCoRe) organizes a workshop on political violence and s [...]

Gaps Between Comprehensive Approaches of the EU and EU Member States

Publications | Published on 09-01-2015

Camilla Rocca (Alumna) | Fernanda Faria | Volker Hauck

Key Messages In promoting the 'Comprehensive Approach' - there is pressure to adopt a maximalist ap [...]