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How Will the EU's Private Sector Strategy Play Out?

Blog | Published on 18-06-2014

Bruce Byiers

Having spent an average of €350 million ($477 million) per year on private sector development over [...]

The Dutch Approach: Combining Aid and Trade and Working Together for Effective Private Sector Development

GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 12-06-2014

In pursuit of a more coherent policy for development cooperation, Lilianne Ploumen was appointed Min [...]

Calendar and Resources, GREAT Insights, Volume 2, Issue 5 (July-August 2013)

GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 06-01-2014

CALENDAR July 24-25 July AU-EPA Negotiations Coordination Meeting, Libreville TBC EAC-EU Technical [...]

Are donors assessing the impact of Aid for Trade on poverty?

GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 06-01-2014

Although on the whole Aid for Trade (AFT) is good for growth and poverty reduction, behind the avera [...]

Does aid for trade enhance export performance?

GREAT Insights Magazine | Published on 06-01-2014

Aid for Trade is intended to boost trade partly through a reduction in internal trade costs. We show [...]