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Employment - it’s what we’ve always wanted!

Blog | Published on 23-11-2012

Bruce Byiers

Jobs" are the focus of the recently launched World Development Report 2013. This year s edition of t [...]

Lost opportunity to build bridges: African Ministers of Agriculture and Trade meeting postponed

Blog | Published on 26-10-2012

Francesco Rampa

By postponing next week's meeting of African trade and agriculture ministers in Addis Ababa, the Afr [...]

How big trade corridors can benefit small farmers

Blog | Published on 05-10-2012

Francesco Rampa

Many trade corridors in Africa were designed in colonial times, primarily to serve extractive indust [...]

ECDPM at the EDDs: Engaging the private sector for development

Blog | Published on 21-09-2012

Bruce Byiers

Preparations for this year s European Development Days on the 16th and 17th October are now well und [...]

Private sector and development: can we blend great expectations with a willingness to fail?

Blog | Published on 21-06-2012

Bruce Byiers

"Getting more bang for the development Euro" is not usually how we talk about enhancing aid effectiv [...]

Private sector for development is the “new black”

Blog | Published on 15-06-2012

Bruce Byiers

Promoting private sector development in poor countries and engaging with firms for achieving develop [...]

A new conflict-free standard can build confidence in gold

Blog | Published on 08-06-2012

++ GUEST CONTRIBUTION ++Mining is a driver of development but despite its capacity to create wealth [...]

It’s governance, stupid!

Blog | Published on 04-05-2012

Bruce Byiers

While good governance" has been on donors agendas for some time now, development practitioners reali [...]

Beyond development as a business by-product?

Blog | Published on 16-03-2012

Bruce Byiers

That the private sector is important, if not key, to economic development is nothing new. However, w [...]