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GUIDE: EU and Africa’s position at COP21 - media alert

Press Releases | Published on 30-11-2015

Emily Barker (Alumna)

From today, 30 November, the world will decide on the global agenda for climate change at the COP21 [...]

High stakes for the EU and Africa - COP21 position

Press Releases | Published on 18-09-2015

Emily Barker (Alumna) | Hanne Knaepen

Dr. Hanne Knaepen, Policy Officer at the European Centre for Development Policy Management, said: Bo [...]

Are Europe and Africa ready to tackle the post-2015 era?

Press Releases | Published on 09-01-2015

Emily Barker (Alumna)

2015 should bring a vital shift in the way the world works together on major issues such as agreeing [...]

ACP-EU re-examine long-standing partnership, as new ACP Secretary General announced

Press Releases | Published on 11-12-2014

Emily Barker (Alumna)

Today the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group announced their new Secretary General, Dr. Patr [...]

Guide to the world's biggest free trade deal - the economic partnership agreements between the EU and Africa

Press Releases | Published on 01-10-2014

Emily Barker (Alumna)

ECDPM has released a 'Frequently asked questions' guide to the economic partnership agreements (EPAs [...]

Tensions flare with EU-Africa Summit only days away

Press Releases | Published on 15-04-2014

Emily Barker (Alumna)

Anti-homosexuality laws in Uganda and Nigeria, and the trade deal between West Africa and the EU are [...]

Joint Africa EU Strategy essential for Africa and Europe, but needs to be politically aware - brand new study reveals

Press Releases | Published on 24-03-2014

Emily Barker (Alumna)

Despite problems, a renewed Joint Africa EU Strategy (JAES) is essential for a working partnership b [...]

EU-Africa relations: comment, info and help

Press Releases | Published on 24-03-2014

Emily Barker (Alumna)

Just over a month away in April, the European Union will be meeting with the African Union for the f [...]

‘Making EU-Africa Relations Future-Proof’ - Special session of the ‘Fridays of the Commission’

Press Releases | Published on 24-03-2014

Emily Barker (Alumna)

A special session of the Fridays of the Commission on the theme: Making EU - Africa Relations Future [...]

Strong leadership should take Africa-EU relations beyond aid in 2014

Press Releases | Published on 10-02-2014

Emily Barker (Alumna)

Africa will start the New Year stronger than ever before both financially and politically, says a ne [...]