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Lisbon speed talks - Africa and Europe: between aid and strategy

Events | Published on 12-10-2020

Geert Laporte

In the next Lisbon Speed Talk, which will be held next October 14, Geert Laporte talks with the radi [...]

COVID-19 & sustainable food systems: Transforming food systems in times of crises

Events | Published on 06-10-2020

Francesco Rampa

The fifth annual conference of IFIAD will take place on Wednesday, 21st October, 2020, via live stre [...]


Climate change cooperation: can we shift the paradigm?

Events | Published on 28-09-2020

Hanne Knaepen

View a recording of the event This is the fourth in a series of virtual events called 'Beyond Aid: R [...]

The AU-EU Summit didn't prove immune to COVID-19 – but that may be a blessing in disguise

Blog | Published on 14-09-2020

Geert Laporte

This year was supposed to be crucial for Africa-Europe relations, culminating in the sixth AU-EU Sum [...]

A New EU-Africa Partnership: How Committed Is the EU?

Events | Published on 10-09-2020

Geert Laporte

As part of the GIZ internal series 'EU in the Box', that aims at bringing the EU, its procedures, ac [...]

Building a stronger partnership between Africa and Europe

Events | Published on 07-09-2020

Geert Laporte

African states and the European Union (EU) are expected to discuss the next Africa-EU strategy in th [...]


Shaping Europe's future with Sub-Saharan Africa: how academic research and political consultancy can contribute to the improvement of European policies towards Africa

Events | Published on 02-09-2020

Carl Michiels

This conference is a closed event European research on Africa provides significant findings that are [...]

Towards a digital partnership between the EU and the AU

Events | Published on 10-06-2020

Chloe Teevan

This event is by invitation only Digitalisation shapes the transformations, evolutions and revolutio [...]

Europe-Africa: Targeted policy advice in the run-up to the EU-AU Summit

Events | Published on 08-06-2020

Geert Laporte

In the fifth and concluding webinar of the series 'What s the offer? A new partnership between Europ [...]

Visions for EU global leadership in a post-COVID-19 world order: An EU-China strategic cooperation agenda for Africa

Events | Published on 25-05-2020

San Bilal

The Jacques Delors Centre is organising an online Expert Group Workshop as part of the Centre s 'Vis [...]