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African perspectives: holding a mirror up to Europe’s migration policies

Events | Published on 29-11-2019

Anna Knoll

While fear-mongering headlines warn of mass African migration to Europe, the reality on the ground t [...]

European Parliament Renew Europe Group roundtable

Events | Published on 19-11-2019

Anna Knoll

The Renew Europe Group in the European Parliament are working on a 'vision paper' on migration and a [...]

Spirited away: The fading importance of resettlement in the emergency transit mechanism in Rwanda

Blog | Published on 28-10-2019

On 10 October, 123 refugees were evacuated from Libya to Niger. This is the second evacuation under [...]

Once Upon A Town storytelling festival

Events | Published on 09-10-2019

Noemi Cascone

Once Upon A Town is an urban storytelling festival with stories about (un)known creatives and local [...]

Carrefour de la migration intra-Africaine

Events | Published on 09-10-2019

Amanda Bisong

ECDPM's Amanda Bisong will be giving the keynote address at the 3rd 'Carrefour de la migration intra [...]

Crafting the African response to European external migration policies

Blog | Published on 30-09-2019

Amanda Bisong

Migration is a sensitive topic that leads to heated debates and political divisions in almost all co [...]

Implementing the global migration compact in EU member states: A long and winding road?

Blog | Published on 12-09-2019

Noemi Cascone

In 2018, the UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM), the first inter-govern [...]

Implementation of the UN Global Compact: Conflict, Governance and Migration in Africa/EU relations

Events | Published on 04-09-2019

Anna Knoll

ECDPM's Anna Knoll attended the conference 'Implementation of the UN Global Compact: Conflict, Gover [...]


Assessing Gender Inclusion in the Migration Policies of ECOWAS

Publications | Published on 15-08-2019

Amanda Bisong

This policy briefing assesses the gender dimension of the ECOWAS regional framework for migration go [...]


European Development Days 2019: Interview with Judicaelle Irakoze on migration

Multimedia | Published on 24-06-2019

Noemi Cascone

During the 2019 edition of the European Development Days (EDD) in Brussels, ECDPM interviewed EDD 20 [...]