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Video - Role of the private sector: small and large companies within CAADP

Multimedia | Published on 18-12-2014

Clément Silverman (Alumnus) | Francesco Rampa

Thoughts of people involved in the CAADP process at the ReSAKSS annual meeting held at the African U [...]

Dutch Priorities for its Contribution to Global Food Security Taking Shape

Blog | Published on 12-12-2014

Jeske van Seters

This week, the Dutch Parliament debated the Dutch approach to contribute to global food security.The [...]

Africa and Europe Combatting Climate Change - Towards a Common Agenda for 2015

Multimedia | Published on 12-12-2014

Clément Silverman (Alumnus) | Hanne Knaepen | Rhys Williams (Alumnus)

Climate change is arguably the worst threat to human development, ever. According to the Intergovern [...]

The Road to Paris: Challenges and Chances for EU Climate and Energy Policy

Events | Published on 02-12-2014

Hanne Knaepen

The EU wants to maintain its leadership on global efforts to combat climate change. On 23-24 October [...]

Five Points to Take Away from the ICN2

Blog | Published on 28-11-2014

Whether ICN2 will do what its predecessor couldn t two decades ago, will depend on the political wil [...]

30th Annual Meeting of the Food Crisis Prevention Network (RPCA)

Events | Published on 27-11-2014

Didier Yélognissè Alia (Alumnus) | Jeske van Seters

Key focus of the 30th RPCA Annual Meeting: The Ebola Virus Disease epidemic presents a new challenge [...]

NEPAD/SADC Food and Nutrition Security Knowledge-sharing and Monitoring Platform

Events | Published on 25-11-2014

Jeske van Seters

The New Partnership for Africa s Development (NEPAD) and the Southern African Development Community [...]

Food Security: Mapping Risks, Building Resilience

Events | Published on 25-11-2014

Sean Woolfrey

Food security is at risk from new threats and there is a growing awareness of previously unrecognize [...]

Global Food Systems, Local Impact: The Role of Agribusiness and Development Partnerships in Advancing African Agriculture

Events | Published on 20-11-2014

Jeske van Seters

The transformation of the African agri-business sector is a key challenge to achieve food security a [...]

Second Consultation Workshop Policy Coherence for Development Impact Assessment on Food Security in Tanzania

Events | Published on 20-11-2014

Didier Yélognissè Alia (Alumnus) | Fabien Tondel

Didier Yélognissè Alia and Fabien Tondel co-organised and facilitated this workshop in collaborati [...]