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Video: Gaspar Frontini on policy coherence for development beyond Europe (European Development Days 2013)

Multimedia | Published on 16-12-2013

Brecht Lein (Alumnus)

Brecht Lein from ECDPM speaks to Gaspar Frontini, head of the Policy Coherence unit at DEVCO in the [...]

EU policy coherence for food security: Aligning parallel agendas

Publications | Published on 14-11-2013

Brecht Lein (Alumnus) | Jeske van Seters | Paul Engel (Alumnus)

The permanent URL for this page is For the European Union (EU), Policy Coherenc [...]


Developing a methodology to assess impact of OECD policies on food security

Publications | Published on 07-11-2013

Quentin de Roquefeuil (Alumnus)

ECDPM s Quentin de Roquefeuil discusses a new methodology, to assess the impact of OECD policies on [...]

Trade, Aid and Rural Development: EU Sugar Policy and the Experience of Swaziland

Publications | Published on 28-10-2013

In 2006, the European Union (EU) reformed its sugar policy, reducing the reference price for sugar b [...]


Monitoring the effects of the CAP: General research on PCD and a review of institutional options

Publications | Published on 28-10-2013

Brecht Lein (Alumnus) | Quentin de Roquefeuil (Alumnus)

Presentation transcript1. Monitoring the effects of the CAP: General research on PCD and a review of [...]

Development of a methodology for country level assessments of PCD impacts on food security

Publications | Published on 28-10-2013

Jeske van Seters | Quentin de Roquefeuil (Alumnus)

Presentation transcript1. What, why and how - initial thoughts based on a literature review Quentin [...]

IDS Network: Think about food systems when pushing agriculture

Publications | Published on 23-10-2013

Francesco's Video on the cooperazioneallosviluppo website

Between policy and practice: the EU Food and Nutrition Security Implementation Plan

Blog | Published on 29-05-2013

Largely overshadowed by provisional budget decisions on the European Development Fund, Development M [...]

Final window for development-proofing the CAP

Blog | Published on 12-03-2013

This article was co-authored by Brecht Lein and Niels Keijzer (Deutsche Institut für Entwicklungspo [...]