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CAADP's future? Focus on informal private sector and politics!

Commentaries | Published on 29-04-2016

Francesco Rampa

Two weeks ago, in Accra, I attended the CAADP Partnership Platform, the annual event where all stake [...]

Partnerships to deliver food security in Africa

Commentaries | Published on 16-12-2015

In the third of our series of blogs ahead of the 2016 Challenges Paper - released on January 4th 201 [...]

Making agriculture in Africa climate-smart: from policies to practice

Publications | Published on 10-12-2015

Francesco Rampa

Making agriculture in Africa climate-smart from policies to practice from European Centre for Develo [...]


Linking ‘food security’ and ‘peace & security’…from policy to practice

Publications | Published on 10-12-2015

Francesco Rampa

The following presentation was given by Francesco Rampa on 7 December 2015 at the event Conflict, Na [...]


Le riz : grande star de la conférence de Dakar

Commentaries | Published on 06-11-2015

Carmen Torres

La révision de la politique agricole de l'Afrique de l Ouest (ECOWAP/PDDAA) en cours est un exerci [...]

Making agriculture in Africa climate-smart: From continental policies to local practices

Publications | Published on 05-11-2015

Carmen Torres | Francesco Rampa | Hanne Knaepen

Key messages There are various approaches to make agriculture climate smart". These can be complemen [...]


Video: Why African Farmers' Organisations need to modernise? - Ishmael Sunga, CEO SACAU

Multimedia | Published on 23-07-2015

Francesco Rampa | Tanit Parada-Tur (Alumna)

Farmer organisations play a critical role in ensuring that the complex and dynamic developments that [...]

Farm trade policies in major economies: Effects on EAC food security and agriculture

Publications | Published on 23-07-2015

Fabien Tondel

The dialogue provided policy makers and other stakeholders from the East Africa Community region an [...]


From one grain to another: The rise of rice in West Africa

Commentaries | Published on 22-07-2015

Carmen Torres

Last month I flew from Europe to green Abidjan via arid Ouagadougou for the Borderless Alliance annu [...]

Audio: Interview with Geoffrey Kirenga, CEO of SAGCOT

Multimedia | Published on 24-06-2015

Francesco Rampa

Francesco Rampa, head of the Food Security programme at ECDPM, interviews Geoffrey Kirenga, CEO of t [...]