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Four opportunities to give to gender the importance it deserves in EU policy and external spending

Blog | Published on 04-03-2019

Andrew Sherriff | Noemi Cascone

Many think that changing the direction of the EU policy 'oil tanker ship is virtually impossible and [...]

Workshop on gender justice and the EU's external policies

Events | Published on 13-11-2018

Noemi Cascone

In international relations, gender equality and women s rights are often considered as low salience [...]


Fourth international conference "Now"

Events | Published on 11-09-2017

Noemi Cascone

Theme "African youth and migration". Africa is the world s youngest continent with the largest popul [...]

The nexus between food and nutrition security, and migration: Clarifying the debate and charting a way forward

Publications | Published on 19-05-2017

Anna Knoll | Carmen Torres | Francesco Rampa | Noemi Cascone | Paulina Bizzotto Molina

Migration is fast becoming a key topic in development cooperation. International development efforts [...]