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EU position for Busan takes shape

Blog | Published on 29-07-2011

At its meeting on 13 July, the European Parliament s Development Committee held an exchange of views [...]

“Vision without implementation is hallucination”

Blog | Published on 08-07-2011

Over 60 institutional actors and individuals from various parts of Africa, the Caribbean, the Pacifi [...]

The EU financial framework 2014 – 2020: what’s in it for development cooperation?

Blog | Published on 08-07-2011

Jeske van Seters

On 29 June, the Commission came out with a Communication on the EU financial framework for the perio [...]

Harvesting questions: the results of the first two ERD consultations, and a quick look ahead

Blog | Published on 04-07-2011

During the next few months, a team of authors from the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), the Ger [...]

Towards a ‘normalisation’ of ACP-EU relations

Blog | Published on 17-06-2011

Over the past couple of years, new global players underscored their ascendance in the world order. E [...]

The ACP and Europe: What Future for a Privileged Relationship?

Blog | Published on 20-05-2011

Geert Laporte

When it was signed in 2000, the Cotonou Partnership Agreement between the 79-member African, Caribbe [...]

Shopping for raw materials: Should Africa be worried about the EU Raw Materials Initiative?

Blog | Published on 14-02-2011

This new ECDPM Discussion Paper outlines the some key questions around this highly debated issue. Th [...]

Le suivi et l'évaluation des capacités et du renforcement des capacités

Publications | Published on 01-10-2006

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Une nouvelle voie pour la coopération technique en Afrique : comment améliorer les résultats sur le plan du renforcement des capacités

Publications | Published on 01-10-1995

Geert Laporte | Jean Bossuyt

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