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Predicting the Future of EU International Cooperation and Development

Blog | Published on 03-10-2014

Andrew Sherriff

It's a dangerous thing trying to predict the future, the EU s international development priorities a [...]


A more political Strengthening European External Action Implications of the Treaty of Lisbon for the EU's relations with developing countries

Publications | Published on 31-10-2013

This InBrief aims to provide an overview of the innovations in the Lisbon Treaty which, directly or [...]


Trade Relevant Provisions in the Treaty of Lisbon: Implications for Economic Partnership Agreements

Publications | Published on 31-10-2013

BackgroundThe entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon on 1 December 2009 introduced significant cha [...]


Reforming European Development Cooperation: What do the practitioners think?

Publications | Published on 30-10-2013

The forum became a community of 250 French-speaking and English-speaking people in many parts of the [...]