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Living apart together: EU development cooperation and humanitarian aid in situations of fragility and protracted crisis

Publications | Published on 16-12-2016

Alfonso Medinilla | Alisa Herrero Cangas | Matthias Deneckere

The complexity of today s crisis situations brings humanitarian and development actors more and more [...]


Preliminary analysis of the EU Communication on a renewed partnership with the countries of Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific

Publications | Published on 25-11-2016

Geert Laporte | Jean Bossuyt | Marc De Tollenaere | Niels Keijzer (Alumnus)

On 22 November 2016, the European Commission published a Communication titled A renewed partnership [...]


Understanding African and European perspectives on migration: Towards a better partnership for regional migration governance?

Publications | Published on 23-11-2016

Anna Knoll | Frauke de Weijer

In September 2016, ECDPM organised a Conference in The Hague around the role and ways of partnering [...]


Debate on the future of European development policy - Conference report

Publications | Published on 11-11-2016

James Mackie | Martin Ronceray

On 28 October, ECDPM organised a public debate in The Hague on the future of European development po [...]


EU mechanisms that promote policy coherence for development: A scoping study

Publications | Published on 27-10-2016


The group of Heads of the EU Member States development cooperation evaluation services and the Europ [...]


Evaluation of the EU institutions and Member States’ mechanisms for promoting policy coherence for development

Publications | Published on 27-10-2016


This publication presents the overall results of the evaluation the EU Institutions & Member States [...]


Evaluating coordination, complementarity and coherence in EU development policy: A synthesis

Publications | Published on 27-10-2016


Evaluating the role and application of the Maastricht Treaty requirements, coherence, coordination a [...]


Enhancing the EU response to children and armed conflict

Publications | Published on 19-10-2016

Unlike many issues on the European Union s (EU) agenda, children affected by armed conflict (CAAC) i [...]


The future of EU support to peace and security in Africa: What implications for the African Peace Facility beyond 2020?

Publications | Published on 06-10-2016

Anna Knoll | Matthias Deneckere

On 24 June 2016, a policy seminar was held in Brussels on the future of EU support to peace and secu [...]


ECDPM submission to the European Commission's Public Consultation on revising the European Consensus on Development

Publications | Published on 23-09-2016

Andrew Sherriff | Annabelle Laferrère (Alumna) | Cecilia Gregersen (Alumna) | Jean Bossuyt

Between 30 May 2016 and 21 August 2016, the European Commission ran an official consultation process [...]