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EC Evaluations on the results of the 2007-13 EU legal instruments for external cooperation

Publications | Published on 21-11-2013

James Mackie

As part of the reform of EU external assistance undertaken by the European Commission in the early y [...]


Policies, principles and processes under the EU Agenda for Change

Publications | Published on 06-11-2013

Florian Krätke (Alumnus) | Geert Laporte

Presentation transcript1. Policies, principles and processes under the EU Agenda for ChangeGeert Lap [...]

Aid and beyond: Mobilising more resources for financing development

Publications | Published on 04-11-2013

Geert Laporte

By Geert Laporte on the Friends of Europe Website The scenario is quite familiar. If budget cuts ar [...]

How serious is the EU about reducing fragmentation?

Publications | Published on 04-11-2013

James Mackie

The EU has a long history of internal agreements to improve coordination and complementarity between [...]


The EU's Multi-Annual Financial Framework post-2013

Publications | Published on 04-11-2013

Jeske van Seters

The European Commission (EC) is the largest single multilateral donor of official development assist [...]


Can the Pan-African Programme Revitalise the JAES?

Publications | Published on 28-10-2013

Faten Aggad-Clerx

With the adoption of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy (JAES) in 2007, Africa and Europe intended to hera [...]


Phased Programming of Lomé Funds: Lessons from Current EU and ACP Experiences

Publications | Published on 28-10-2013

Jean Bossuyt

It is claimed that phased programming will erode the Lomé partnership and give too many discretiona [...]


Challenges in 2014: Modernisation of EU Development Cooperation, Kick-Started or Running on the Spot?

Blog | Published on 23-10-2013

+++ ECDPM Challenges blog series. Post number two +++The European Union s Agenda for Change is a ca [...]

[VIDEO] Klaus Rudischhauser on EU development aid: where to and what for?

Blog | Published on 31-05-2013

In this ECDPM video, Klaus Rudischhauser, Deputy Director-General for Policy and Thematic Coordinati [...]