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EU leaders cannot afford climate change 'oblivion' as heated debate on 2030 targets begins

Press Releases | Published on 23-10-2014

Emily Barker (Alumna)

Today EU leaders meet for a heated debate on specific targets for 2030 on climate change and energy. [...]

Tensions flare with EU-Africa Summit only days away

Press Releases | Published on 15-04-2014

Emily Barker (Alumna)

Anti-homosexuality laws in Uganda and Nigeria, and the trade deal between West Africa and the EU are [...]

2015 crucial year for Africa’s future development

Press Releases | Published on 09-01-2015

Emily Barker (Alumna)

This year marks a crucial shift in the way Africa deals with its own development, with four decisive [...]

EU needs to create uniformed climate change policy through strong political leadership

Press Releases | Published on 22-09-2014

Alisa Herrero Cangas | Emily Barker (Alumna) | Hanne Knaepen

Europe is set to play an important role in the negotiations on a new legally binding global treaty o [...]

Are Europe and Africa ready to tackle the post-2015 era?

Press Releases | Published on 09-01-2015

Emily Barker (Alumna)

2015 should bring a vital shift in the way the world works together on major issues such as agreeing [...]