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Annual Networking Event: investing in and collaborating with West Africa

Events | Published on 13-06-2019

Fabien Tondel

ECDPM's Fabien Tondel will give a presentation on 'public-private partnership and EU Funding in West [...]

GDS Conference on Official Development Assistance

Events | Published on 12-06-2019

Jeske van Seters

Official Development Assistance: A Political Instrument or a Real Chance? This question will be the [...]

Seminar on the AU-EU Summit

Events | Published on 17-11-2017

Kathleen van Hove

ECDPM's Kathleen van Hove has given a mini-seminar on various aspects of the upcoming AU-EU Summit a [...]

Les politiques africaines de l'Union européenne et de ses États

Events | Published on 22-09-2017

San Bilal

Réunion de la plateforme UE/Afrique(s) À l'ordre du jour : Les politiques africaines de l'Union eu [...]

S&D Group Africa Week 2017

Events | Published on 17-08-2017

San Bilal

Theme 'Youth and the future of Africa' A more mature and contemporary Africa-EU partnership can help [...]

YO!Fest 2017 - Generation Maastricht

Events | Published on 27-01-2017

Carmen Torres | Franz Ferdinand Rothe (Alumnus) | Greta Galeazzi (Alumna) | Karim Karaki | Nina Thijssen | Paulina Bizzotto Molina | Philomena Apiko | Sophie Desmidt | Valeria Pintus

The 2017 edition of YO!Fest - an event organised for young people, by young people - will come to Ma [...]

Africa Industrialisation Day 2016

Events | Published on 01-12-2016

San Bilal

The objective of Africa Industrialisation Day this year is to raise awareness on the challenges and [...]

Africa Industrialisation Day

Events | Published on 17-11-2016

San Bilal

Africa Industrialisation Day was established in 1990 and is the day when a large number of African g [...]

Africa Beyond 2015

Events | Published on 07-09-2015

Sebastian Große-Puppendahl | Tanit Parada-Tur (Alumna)

The Africa Forum is the annual gathering where OECD and African policy makers, private sector repres [...]

Looking Beyond 2013 - Are EU-Africa Relations Still Fit for Purpose?

Events | Published on 07-04-2014

European Think-Tanks Group's High Level Conference Six years after the launch of the Joint EU-Africa [...]