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Contentious issues of the EPA negotiations and regional delivery mechanisms for Aid for Trade

Publications | Published on 27-11-2013

Francesco Rampa

The purpose of the first day meeting was to increase common understanding on issues of concern expre [...]


Aid for Trade Development: Lessons for Lomé V

Publications | Published on 07-11-2013

Kathleen van Hove

This paper resulted from an ECDPM project on New Forms of ACP-EU Trade Cooperation sponsored by the [...]


Regionally Owned Funds: Mechanisms for Delivery of EU Aid for Trade in ACP Regions?

Publications | Published on 04-11-2013

BackgroundThe creation of regionally owned funds to support integration processes and regional Aid f [...]


The Aid for Trade Agenda and Accompanying Measures for EPAs: Current State of Affairs

Publications | Published on 04-11-2013

The Aid for Trade (AfT) agenda emerged at the World Trade Organization (WTO) Hong Kong Ministerial C [...]


Aid for Trade strategies and Agriculture: Towards a SADC Agenda

Publications | Published on 23-10-2013

San Bilal

This report has been written by Dr. Paul Goodison, with the support of Vincent Fautrel from CTA and [...]


Regional Aid for Trade Effectiveness and Corridors

Publications | Published on 22-11-2013

Bruce Byiers | Dan Lui

Aid for Trade (AfT) has been an integral part of official development assistance (ODA) since its inc [...]

Trade, Aid and Rural Development: EU Sugar Policy and the Experience of Swaziland

Publications | Published on 28-10-2013

In 2006, the European Union (EU) reformed its sugar policy, reducing the reference price for sugar b [...]


Rethinking Aid for Trade in the Context of Innovative Financing

Publications | Published on 01-11-2013

Bruce Byiers | Dan Lui | Jeske van Seters

BackgroundAid for Trade (AfT) emerged as an aid agenda six years ago at the World Trade Organisation [...]


The EPA Development Programme (PAPED) & Aid for Trade in West Africa

Publications | Published on 30-10-2013

Francesco Rampa

'Promoting access to regional and international markets for agricultural commodities in West and Cen [...]


EC Support to Production and Trade Adjustments under Existing Nationally Programmed Aid Activities: Lessons from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

Publications | Published on 29-10-2013

Responding to the challenges that ACP producers face in adjusting to trade liberalisation is a quest [...]