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Why do we need the African Union?

Events | Published on 05-09-2016

Anna Knoll | Faten Aggad-Clerx | Frauke de Weijer | Luckystar Miyandazi | Philomena Apiko | Sophie Desmidt | Valeria Pintus | Volker Hauck

What is the African Union (AU)? What role does it play in Africa and beyond? How effectively does it [...]

Supporting decentralisation and local governance in third countries

Publications | Published on 25-11-2013

Jean Bossuyt | Volker Hauck

This Reference document seeks to provide strategic and operational guidance on how best to support p [...]


Decentralised Cooperation and Joint Action

Publications | Published on 28-10-2013

Volker Hauck

A set of case studies was commissioned to draw practical lessons of experience from joint action ini [...]


Building Coherence between sector reforms and decentralisation: do SWAps provide the missing link?

Publications | Published on 01-09-2003

Volker Hauck

Yet because the emphasis in the past has been on looking at the role of SWAps at a macro-level, and [...]