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Starting afresh: The Maghreb’s relations with sub-Saharan Africa

Publications | Published on 30-04-2018

Faten Aggad-Clerx | Tasnim Abderrahim

The readmission of Morocco to the African Union (AU), last year, was a very significant moment for A [...]


Can the 0.2% levy fund peace in Africa?

Publications | Published on 16-04-2018

Faten Aggad-Clerx | Philomena Apiko

In this Briefing Note we explore a possible legal route for the African Union to finance its peace a [...]


Do we expect too much from election observation missions?

Blog | Published on 26-02-2018

Faten Aggad-Clerx | Martin Ronceray

As the electoral crisis that started in Kenya last summer drags on and takes new dimensions, onlooke [...]

Pre-Tana Forum - Africa’s Economic-Security Nexus: Strengthening Regional Integration through AU Reform

Events | Published on 14-02-2018

Faten Aggad-Clerx

The Institute for Peace and Security Studies (IPSS), the Graduate School of Development Policy and P [...]

Analysis of the implementation of the African Union's 0.2% levy: Progress and challenges

Publications | Published on 27-11-2017

Faten Aggad-Clerx | Philomena Apiko

In July 2016 the African Union decided to introduce a 0.2% levy on eligible non-African imports to f [...]


How North Africa’s look towards the south can shake up AU-EU relations

Blog | Published on 27-11-2017

Faten Aggad-Clerx | Tasnim Abderrahim

For the first time since its creation, the African Union finally embraces the whole African continen [...]

Tenth anniversary of ACDEG and Sixth high level dialogue on democracy and human rights

Events | Published on 17-11-2017

Faten Aggad-Clerx | Philomena Apiko

In commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the adoption of African Charter on Democracy, Election [...]

APRM – AGA joint expert meeting

Events | Published on 06-03-2017

Faten Aggad-Clerx

The Expanding APRM Mandate - Enhancing the Role of the APRM in Monitoring and Evaluation and Harmoni [...]

Examining global security challenges impacting Europe

Events | Published on 13-02-2017

Faten Aggad-Clerx

For the past two decades, the European Security Course (ESC) has been deepening security professiona [...]

De-securitising conflict responses in Africa: What prospects for a structural conflict prevention approach?

Publications | Published on 27-01-2017

Faten Aggad-Clerx | Sophie Desmidt

This discussion paper builds on the increasing importance of regional approaches to conflict, which [...]