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Testing the relationship: China’s ‘Corona diplomacy’ in Africa

Blog | Published on 11-05-2020

Lidet Tadesse Shiferaw

As the coronavirus pandemic puts an accent on the geopolitical dynamics among powerful states, China [...]

Eight ways the European Investment Bank can help tackle climate change in Africa

Blog | Published on 11-05-2020

Pamella Ahairwe | San Bilal

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has set off to become the EU climate bank, after having pioneered [...]

To circularity and beyond: A comprehensive EU strategy for textiles

Blog | Published on 27-04-2020

Jeske van Seters | Nadia Ashraf

In March this year, the European Commission launched its new circular economy action plan for a more [...]

Now more than ever: European businesses and due diligence in times of Corona

Blog | Published on 20-04-2020

Jeske van Seters | Nadia Ashraf

Because of COVID-19, many European companies are understandably focusing on their financial figures [...]

Can COVID-19 create momentum for sustainable and resilient food systems?

Blog | Published on 06-04-2020

Cecilia D’Alessandro | Koen Dekeyser | Paulina Bizzotto Molina | Valeria Pintus

COVID-19 can be a turning point towards building more resilient and sustainable societies. At this m [...]

The new EU visa code and what it means for African countries

Blog | Published on 06-04-2020

Amanda Bisong

With global restrictions on mobility being imposed by governments in response to the COVID-19 pandem [...]

Migration, mobility and COVID-19 – A tale of many tales

Blog | Published on 30-03-2020

Amanda Bisong | Anna Knoll

The crisis sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic has overshadowed existing migration debates in Europe, y [...]

Turning the tables: African and European narratives in the time of Corona

Blog | Published on 23-03-2020

Lidet Tadesse Shiferaw | Virginia Mucchi

Most of Europe is in lockdown, trying to cope with the huge implications of the battle against the n [...]

Will European public opinion on international cooperation change in the face of COVID-19?

Blog | Published on 23-03-2020

Katja Sergejeff

European public opinion seems to react quickly to perceived crises of the day, but past opinion poll [...]

The EU and Africa: Should, would, could… might

Blog | Published on 16-03-2020

Bruce Byiers

An EU communication is always a strange beast. It tries to lay down new directions while building on [...]