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COP21: A historic, but still fragile milestone for climate change

Blog | Published on 18-12-2015

Alisa Herrero Cangas | Hanne Knaepen

Some hope on global collective action to end 2015 The Paris climate deal is a clear step in the righ [...]

COP22: Spotlight on agriculture, Africa and action

Blog | Published on 10-11-2016

Hanne Knaepen

On Monday, the UN climate change conference COP22 kicked off in Marrakech. Last year s COP21, held i [...]

Climate Change at the EDDs: What is Going to Happen Now?

Blog | Published on 06-12-2013

Hanne Knaepen

Climate change does not respect borders and it is a threat that multiplies quickly to other sectors. [...]

Common But Differentiated Responsibilities (CBDR): The Challenge of Rejuvenating an Old-School Principle Ahead of the 2015 Climate Negotiations

Blog | Published on 24-03-2014

Hanne Knaepen

Last week I attended a panel discussion on 'Revisiting the Principle of Common But Differentiated Re [...]

10 Reasons Why 2014 is the Year of Family Farming

Blog | Published on 24-01-2014

Hanne Knaepen

Family farming is a central piece of the agenda for African transformation. Declared the United Nati [...]

Empowering women in Africa: The only way to achieve food security

Blog | Published on 09-09-2016

Carmen Torres | Hanne Knaepen

Girls and young women represent a crucial invisible labour force in the developing world, as Carmen [...]