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ECDPM Preliminary Overview of EPA Review Process

Publications | Published on 22-11-2013

Francesco Rampa | Kathleen van Hove | San Bilal

Warning and acknowledgmentsThis draft paper aims to inform and facilitate exchanges among concerned [...]

Monitoring Economic Partnership Agreements: A methodological overview

Publications | Published on 04-11-2013

Francesco Rampa | San Bilal

The African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) states and the European Union (EU) countries have agreed to [...]


The interim Economic Partnership Agreements between the EU and African States: Contents, challenges and prospects

Publications | Published on 04-11-2013

San Bilal

The negotiation of Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) between the European Union (EU) and the Af [...]


The Future of ACP-EU Trade Relations: An Overview of the Forthcoming Negotiations

Publications | Published on 06-11-2013

San Bilal

In view of the forthcoming negotiations between the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries a [...]


Economic Partnership Agreements: Towards the Finishing Line?

Publications | Published on 26-03-2014

San Bilal

Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) have been souring European-African relations for years. Back [...]


Economic Partnership Agreements: The Final Countdown

Events | Published on 10-02-2014

San Bilal

Organiser: UK Parliament. Economic Partnership Agreements are a scheme to create a free trade area ( [...]

EIB’s Investment in the Energy Sector in Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific (ACPs)

Events | Published on 22-05-2014

San Bilal

Draft Programme 10h00-10h10 Opening remarks Mrs Monique Koning, moderator of the conference EIB ACP [...]

Trade Relations EU-Sub-Saharan Africa - The Economic Partnership Agreements EU-ACP in a Broader Economic and Political Perspective

Events | Published on 14-02-2014

San Bilal

Over the last two decades, global and regional developments have changed the economic situation of m [...]

EU financing and private investments: Time for a quantum leap

Talking Points Blog | Published on 05-02-2018

San Bilal

Negotiations on the future of the EU finances post-2020 are a unique occasion to reconsider the fina [...]

Trade Liberalisation and Fiscal Adjustment: The Case of EPAs in Africa

Publications | Published on 01-11-2013

Dan Lui | San Bilal

BackgroundThe African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) states have spent the last ten years engaged in n [...]