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COP21: A historic, but still fragile milestone for climate change

Press Releases | Published on 16-12-2015

Emily Barker (Alumna)

The Paris climate deal is a clear step in the right direction, and gives hope on the ability of the [...]

What does Africa need from the WTO conference?

Press Releases | Published on 14-12-2015

Emily Barker (Alumna)

The 10th World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial Conference in Nairobi, Kenya begins this week. I [...]

Challenges for Africa at COP21

Press Releases | Published on 04-12-2015

Emily Barker (Alumna)

How can we make climate-smart agriculture work and what are the problems facing Africa at the COP21? [...]

Rendre l’agriculture africaine intelligente sur le plan climatique

Press Releases | Published on 16-11-2015

Emily Barker (Alumna)

Neuf sur dix Africains travaillent dans l agriculture, et l Afrique est le continent le plus vulnér [...]

Making agriculture in Africa climate-smart

Press Releases | Published on 16-11-2015

Emily Barker (Alumna)

Up to 9 out of 10 Africans work in agriculture, and Africa is the most vulnerable continent when it [...]

COP21 : enjeux élevés pour l’UE et l’Afrique

Press Releases | Published on 18-09-2015

Emily Barker (Alumna) | Hanne Knaepen

Le Dr. Hanne Knaepen, chargée de mission auprès du Centre européen de gestion des politiques de d [...]

High stakes for the EU and Africa - COP21 position

Press Releases | Published on 18-09-2015

Emily Barker (Alumna) | Hanne Knaepen

Dr. Hanne Knaepen, Policy Officer at the European Centre for Development Policy Management, said: Bo [...]

Policies matter in financing for development

Press Releases | Published on 10-07-2015

Emily Barker (Alumna) | James Mackie

Next week over 7,000 people will descend on Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to discuss one of the most vital q [...]

African agriculture: what about the RECs? - 11th CAADP PP MEDIA BRIEF

Press Releases | Published on 26-03-2015

Emily Barker (Alumna)

Hundreds of people including farmer organisations, agriculture government officials and African Unio [...]

Chairman of the board Ambassador Patrick I. Gomes formally resigns

Press Releases | Published on 27-02-2015

Emily Barker (Alumna)

The European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) congratulates Ambassador Patrick I. Go [...]