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Work in Progress: Productive Employment and Transformation in Uganda

Publications | Published on 12-03-2015

Anna Rosengren (Alumna) | Bruce Byiers

Key messages: Agricultural contribution to gross domestic product (GDP) has been declining in Uganda [...]


EU engagement with the private sector for development: Setting up a one-stop-shop?

Publications | Published on 23-09-2014

Anna Rosengren (Alumna) | Bruce Byiers | Florian Krätke (Alumnus)

The EC s new Communication on engaging the private sector for development is broadly welcomed as amb [...]


Engaging with the Private Sector for Development

Publications | Published on 17-06-2014

Anna Rosengren (Alumna) | Bruce Byiers

Engaging with the Private Sector for Development from ECDPM


De-coding public-private partnerships for development

Publications | Published on 25-04-2014

Anna Rosengren (Alumna) | Bruce Byiers | Florian Krätke (Alumnus) | Gabila Nubong (Alumnus) | San Bilal | Sebastian Große-Puppendahl

Objectives, interpretations, practices and incentives of public and private partners are often diver [...]


Common or Conflicting Interests? Reflections on the Private Sector (for) Development Agenda

Publications | Published on 01-11-2013

Anna Rosengren (Alumna) | Bruce Byiers

A striking aspect in recent development discourse is the surge in references to promoting the role o [...]