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The complexities of tackling illicit financial flows in practice

Publications | Published on 10-06-2019

Luckystar Miyandazi

The issue of illicit financial flows (IFFs) in the mineral sector of African countries has been the [...]


Youth unemployment and the role of regional organisations

Publications | Published on 08-04-2019

Bruce Byiers

Youth unemployment is one of the biggest challenges facing the African continent. This paper explore [...]


The political economy of regional industrialisation strategies

Publications | Published on 17-12-2018

Bruce Byiers | Sean Woolfrey

Industrial policy is on the rise in Africa. Along with the many African countries that have introduc [...]


African river basin organisations: From best practice to best fit

Publications | Published on 03-12-2018

Alfonso Medinilla

Transboundary river basin organisations (RBOs) are a specific subset of regional organisations in Af [...]


Charting the course to 2020: Fundamental choices for the negotiation of a future ACP-EU partnership

Publications | Published on 29-01-2018

Alfonso Medinilla | Jean Bossuyt

This publication looks at the core features of ACP-EU relations in this wider context of EU foreign [...]


Political Economy of Continental Integration - Peria and the CFTA

Publications | Published on 10-11-2016

Jan Vanheukelom

Jan Vanheukelom gave the following presentation at the Assessing regional integration in Africa 2016 [...]


Political Economy of Regional Integration in Africa: What drives and constrains regional organisations?

Publications | Published on 22-09-2016

Bruce Byiers

ECDPM's Bruce Byiers gave the following presentation at the GIZ symposium on economic and social dev [...]


Four scenarios for the future of EU-Africa, Caribbean and Pacific relations: new ECDPM study

Press Releases | Published on 09-09-2016

Melissa Julian (Alumna)

On Monday, EU Development Cooperation Ministers meet to have their first discussion on the highly po [...]

Overview of trade and barriers to trade in West Africa: Insights in political economy dynamics, with particular focus on agricultural and food trade

Publications | Published on 13-07-2016

Carmen Torres | Jeske van Seters

This paper gives a general overview of trade figures and dynamics in the ECOWAS region with a focus [...]


Tanzania and the East African Community: A comparative political economy

Publications | Published on 12-05-2016

Key messages Tanzania has improved port efficiency, reduced the cost of transit trade and increased [...]