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African efforts to achieve sustainable peace: Lessons from the African Peace Facility evaluation

Events | Published on 28-03-2018

James Mackie | Volker Hauck

Created in 2004, the African Peace Facility (APF) supports African efforts to promote peace and secu [...]

Evaluation of the implementation of the African Peace Facility 2014-2016

Publications | Published on 23-03-2018

James Mackie | Matthias Deneckere | Volker Hauck

The African Peace Facility (APF) is the European Union s main instrument to address peace and securi [...]

Une occasion de faire les choses bien

Publications | Published on 31-01-2018

James Mackie | Lidet Tadesse Shiferaw | Martin Ronceray

Cette page est également disponible en Anglais. Une telle occasion ne se présente que tous les dix [...]


2018: A chance to get it right

Events | Published on 26-01-2018

Geert Laporte | James Mackie

The Permanent Representation of Luxembourg to the European Union and the European Centre for Develop [...]

A chance to get it right

Publications | Published on 03-01-2018

James Mackie | Lidet Tadesse Shiferaw | Martin Ronceray

This page is also available in French. 2018 presents a once-in-a-decade opportunity for Europe and A [...]


Des moyens à la hauteur des priorités

Publications | Published on 23-02-2017

Greta Galeazzi (Alumna) | James Mackie

Cette page est également disponible en Anglais. Il se pourrait que 2016 marque le début d un chang [...]


Matching means to priorities

Publications | Published on 09-01-2017

Greta Galeazzi (Alumna) | James Mackie | Matthias Deneckere

This page is also available in French. Twenty-sixteen may well come to be seen as the start of a shi [...]


Galvanising action for the Global Goals

Publications | Published on 04-01-2016

James Mackie | Matthias Deneckere

The start of 2016 leads us into a new era in international cooperation, but time is not on our side. [...]


Is global development achievable?

Events | Published on 09-09-2015

Alisa Herrero Cangas | Anna Knoll | Asmita Parshotam (Alumna) | Damien Helly (Alumnus) | Geert Laporte | James Mackie | Sebastian Große-Puppendahl

Development is becoming globalised. The global development architecture is rapidly going through maj [...]


FFD3 – a steady start to a rocky road ahead?

Blog | Published on 17-07-2015

James Mackie

If the degree of consensus achieved in the Third Financing for Development Conference (FFD3) process [...]