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Tokyo Seminar on the European Report on Development 2015

Emerging messages on 'Combining finance and policies to implement a transformative post-2015 development agenda'


Mackie, J. 2015. 'Combining finance and policies to implement a transformative post-2015 development agenda' (Presentation, March 2015). Maastricht: ECDPM.

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ECDPM’s James Mackie was invited to present the emerging messages of the 2015 European Report on Development (ERD) to a joint seminar hosted by the EU Delegation to Japan and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) 

The European Report on Development (ERD)

The European Report on Development (ERD) is an independent research report, funded by the European Commission and several Member States (Finland, France, Germany and Luxembourg for the current 5th edition). It seeks to enhance the European perspective on development issues. The ERD initiative is also a way to strengthen the linkages between the European research community and policy-makers to promote research-informed policy-making.

The ERD focuses on the interaction between finance and policies to promote a transformative post-2015 agenda. It recognises the need for and sets out a new conceptual framework for thinking about development finance. The present edition of the ERD deals with financing and other means of implementation in the post-2015 context.

The 2015 ERD will be launched in Brussels on May 4th 2015

With the theme of ‘Implementing a transformative post-2015 development agenda: Combining finance and policies’, the ERD provides a timely overview on one of the crucial topics for the international community at the moment.

Emerging Messages

  • The UN negotiation for an ambitious post-2015 development agenda is an unprecedented and exciting challenge
  • Whilst there is progress in means of implementation (finance and other) they are not fit for purpose
  • Lessons from the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) suggest we need a different approach towards financing for development
  • Policy makers should – Consider all financial resources for sustainable development; Focus finance on (selected) enablers of sustainable development and consider policy and finance to enable a transformative post-2015 agenda.


Until September 2015, the world will be engaged in a global negotiation on an almost unprecedented scale, which is set to agree on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): a universal and ambitious agenda covering social, economic and environmental sustainability. The post-2015 agenda will need to be underpinned by a global partnership in which all actors will contribute their fair share to the achievement of the goals. The Third International Conference on Financing for Development (FfD), which will take place in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) next July, will be devoted to this monumental task: to gather the necessary financial resources and other means of implementation to deliver the SDGs. This is why the topic of this year’s ERD is so timely and important. The report is seen as a research-based and independent contribution to further feed and stimulate this debate at the EU and global level.

Download (PDF, 786KB)

Seminar Programme

More information can be found here

9:30-9:40 Opening Remarks (JICA / EU Delegation to Japan)

9:40-9:50 Introduction (Mr.Gaspar Frontini, Head of Unit Policy and Coherence, Directorate-General for Development and Cooperation, European Commission)

9:50-10:35  Presentation of the emerging messages of the ERD (ERD research team)

-James Mackie, Senior Adviser EU Development Policy at ECDPM (The European Centre for Development Policy Management)

-Peter Wolff, Head of the Department World Economy and Development Financing at DIE (German Development Institute)

– Discussion

10:35-11:20 General discussion with the audience

11:20-11:30 Closing

Image Courtesy of DfID

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