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Taming fragility?

Guest blog post by Frauke de Weijer on the Aid of the Edge of Chaos blog


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‘In a previous post on this blog, Ben explored the potential of complex systems research for thinking about statebuilding and fragility.

In this guest post, I would like to take this discussion one step further by asking what the specific implications are for development policy and practice if we start treating fragility as a wicked problem.

Since I came across the term ‘wicked problems’ a few years ago, I have been convinced that state fragility can indeed be described as a wicked problem. The trick with wicked problems is that they are actually a set of problems (or messes, as Russell Ackoff would describe them), some of which are more technical (or tame) in nature and others are wicked again. [..]’ 

Read the full blog post on the Aid of the Edge of Chaos blog

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