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Regional agricultural development and food security initiatives in Africa

March 2013

Tondel, F. 2013. Regional agricultural development and food security initiatives in Africa. (ECDPM Presentation).

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Brainstorming Meeting on Current WTO Agricultural Issues ACP Group of States 
19 March 2013, Geneva

Presentation transcript

1. Regional Agricultural Development and Food Security Initiatives in Africa
Food Security Systems in ACP Countries and International Markets: Relationship with WTO Treatment
Fabien Tondel, ECDPM
ACP Brainstorming Meeting on Current WTO Agriculture Issues
Geneva, March 19, 2013

2. Contents
•  About ECDPM
•  CAADP—Africa’s agricultural development and food security initiative
•  Regional agricultural trade and food security
•  Current status of regional policy processes
•  The international trading system and regional food security initiatives in Africa
•  Current policy analysis activities

3. About ECDPM
•  ECDPM “Think and do tank”
– Development cooperation
– Policy-oriented research
– Policy dialogue facilitation
– Partnership building around policy processes
•  ECDPM’s Food Security Programme
– Demand-driven activities
– EU-Africa relations (CAADP process)
•  Other focus areas concerning the ACP Group Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs)
– Policy coherence for development (EU’s CAP)

4. Comprehensive Africa Agricultural Development Program (CAADP)
•  2003 Maputo Declaration Allocation of at least 10% of national budgets to agricultural and rural development (ARD), objective of 6% annual growth in agricultural production
•  CAADP Policy framework Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness and Accra Agenda for Action Ownership, donors support alignment and harmonization, results orientation and M&E, mutual accountability, inclusive partnerships
•  National and regional compacts and investment plans
•  Continental-level coordination by AUC and NPCA
•  Donors group

5. Regional agricultural trade and food security
•  Food insecurity and malnutrition
•  Cross-border agricultural trade, an essential element of food security and agricultural development
•  Regional economic integration
•  Multi-sectorial approaches
•  National and regional action
•  Policy coherence
– Linking agricultural initiatives with initiatives promoting regional trade and a favorable environment for private investment (agro-food industries, infrastructures) 

6. Regional agricultural trade issues
•  Significant barriers to cross-border trade remain (share of intra-Africa trade in agricultural products < 20%)
– Poor infrastructure and transportation systems (high transportation costs)
– Policy barriers to trade at the borders (tariffs, NTBs, red tape, and unstable trade policies)
– Behind-the-border barriers to trade, underdeveloped value chains for local food crops •  Some progress Ongoing road, rail and waterways projects, trade facilitation projects and development of trade corridorsECDPM Page 6

7. 1st AU Joint Ministerial Conference on Trade and Agriculture in 2012
•  Accelerating the Action Plan for boosting intra-Africa trade Early deal for the liberalization of staple food markets?
•  Identifying and implementing synergies between trade initiatives and ARD initiatives through CAADP
•  Strengthening the capacity of relevant institutions and agricultural producers to effectively participate in joint trade-ARD initiatives and monitor their impact
•  Mandating AU, NPCA and the RECs to institutionalize the policy dialogue aimed at realizing synergies between the agricultural and trade sectors
•  But concrete bridges across sectors are still needed

8. Joint Action Group for Regional Trade and Infrastructure
•  CAADP Joint Action Group for agriculture, regional trade and infrastructure Support countries and RECs in coordinating actions in ARD, trade and infrastructure
•  Bringing aid-for-trade into the CAADP process Enhanced Integrated Framework, Standards and Trade Development Facility
•  Providing more aid-for-trade support at the regional level
•  July 2013 Global Aid for Trade Review Aid for trade and value chain development

9. Current status of regional CAADP processes
•  West Africa (ECOWAS) (ECOWAP)
•  Central Africa (ECCAS)
•  East Africa (EAC)
•  Horn of Africa (IGAD)
•  Southern Africa (SADC)
•  Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA)

10. The Int’l trading system and regional food security initiatives in Africa
•  Rising food commodity prices and price volatility
•  Trade policy
•  Government stocks
•  Agricultural market information

11. The Int’l trading system and regional food security initiatives in Africa (2)
•  Investment in key food crop and livestock supply chains
•  Free trade areas, customs unions, and other initiatives for regional economic integration
•  Trade facilitation activities with a focus on agricultural products
•  Regional food reserves
•  Market information systems

12. Current policy analysis activities
•  Agricultural trade: linking crop producing areas to markets through trade corridors, promoting private investment in infrastructures supporting trade Trade corridors in Southern Africa (with FANRPAN)
•  Value chain development: connecting farmers to regional buyers and input suppliers, promoting private investments in the agro-food sector Agricultural information tool for East African farmers
•  CAADP process facilitation: Assessing achievements of ECOWAP, COMESA roadmap
•  Policy coherence for development: Coherence between the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy and African food security initiativesECDPM Page 12

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