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Monitoring and Evaluation of Capacity and Capacity Development

Discussion Paper 58b

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April 2006

Watson, D. 2006. Monitoring and evaluation of capacity and capacity development. (Discussion Paper 58b). Maastricht: ECDPM.

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A case study prepared for the project ‘Capacity, Change and Performance’ organised by ECDPM.

The paper relates the ECDPM study to key points emerging from a review of some of the literature on the topic of capacity, capacity development, and its M&E aspects. This literature represents the perspective of researchers who have surveyed the scene, and practitioners (development institutions or academics) who have invested in capacity development and have reflected on their experiences. It also synthesises important contributions from systems thinking champions, pertinent to M&E of capacity and capacity development, and reviews some contributions from recently launched innovative approaches to monitoring and evaluating capacity and capacity development. In the light of this body of experience, it distils the M&E-related features and issues raised in the ECDPM case studies, offers some conclusions, and raises questions for further research and discussion.

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