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Monitoring the EU-CARIFORUM EPA: Where are We and What are the Next Steps?

July 2012

Byiers, B., Roquefeuil, Q. de. 2012. Monitoring the EU-CARIFORUM EPA: Where are we and what are the next steps? Maastricht: ECDPM.

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Since the EU-CARIFORUM Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) was signed in 2008 there is a sense on both sides that only limited implementation has taken place. Consequently, there is very little systematic evidence regarding its impact. With commitments made to monitor the EPA in the text and a general desire across a range of actors to understand what effect, if any, the EPA is having, it is important that measures
be taken to establish a system to monitor EPA implementation and impacts. This study provides an overview of where the monitoring discussion stands, suggestions of what a monitoring system might entail and some concrete steps to move the process forward.

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