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Linking ‘Food Security’ and ‘Peace & Security’

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Key Messages

The Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Programme (CAADP) is an attempt at fully implementing the new approach to development cooperation in the case of food security: it is more about development effectiveness and public private partnership than just aid effectiveness. 

It has a high degree of African ownership with robust plans for mutual accountability, outreach to other sectors with regular and predictable levels of ODA. 

Yet challenges remain. It is lacking sufficient private sector involvement and implementation at the regional level. 

In the future, Europe should link more effectively its Peace & Security and Food Security policies and processes, including by operationalizing the “EU’s comprehensive approach to external conflict & crisis”. This will contribute to both a more peaceful and more food secure Africa. 

ECDPM’s Francesco Rampa presented to the Belgian Royal Higher Institute for Defence (RHID) on the subject of ‘Food Insecurity: What Role in African Conflicts?’



Food insecurity is generally regarded as a consequence of drought. While there are areas where droughts are often the scene of famine, other factors also come into play.

One can not ignore the role of conflict in the genesis of food insecurity. However, the question of whether it is competition for access to limited resources that is causing “food wars” or if it is the conflicts that cause food insecurity, remains open.

Interventions to improve development outcomes and food security have been in place place for some time.

This conference, hosted  by the The Royal Higher Institute for Defence (RHID), aims to bridge the gap between research and policy to encourage discussions on how to optimise the international food aid system.


Further information can be found here

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