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How can research help to promote trade and development

February 2008

Bilal, San and Niels Keijzer. 2008. (How) can research help to promote trade and development? Conference: Knowledge on the move: research for development in a globalizing world, The Hague, 26-29 February 2008. Maastricht: ECDPM.

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Researchers, policy makers and practitioners whose work is dedicated to promoting international development will meet in the Hague on 27 and 28 February 2008 to reflect on the changing landscapes in the fields of development and research cooperation. Building on the recognition that the relative importance of research for development will continue to increase in today’s globalising world, the participants of the conference will aim to contribute to rethinking the current positioning of research for development and discuss the principles and roles of research capacity development. In addition to more general discussions, the conference participants will zoom in to eight different concrete themes and aspects to provide further inputs to the conference recommendations.

This paper aims to position the conference discussions on the theme of ‘trade and development’, a pertinent theme given the clear links between domestic interests and development goals, and the role that is played by research in relation to ongoing international reforms of trade relations. 

Furthermore, as the current development policy context is considering more support towards the productive sector (e.g. the focus on agriculture in the latest World Development Report) following a broader interpretation of the Millennium Development Goals, there may be an increased interest in research on the topic from policy makers. Consistent with the overall conference goal, this paper will contribute to take stock of recent experiences and conclusions of studies in the field of trade and development; help position the role of research in this topic as it is driven through networks, partnerships and other forms of social organisation; and comment on the development relevance and utilisation of research done in this context.

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