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Methods & Instruments: evidence-based approach to partnerships to ensure results and accountability?

April 2013

This publication should be cited as: Rampa, F. 2013. Methods & Instruments: evidence-based approach to partnerships to ensure results and accountability? (ECDPM Presentation).

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European Agribusiness in Africa: Opportunities and Challenges 
April 10, 2013 – European Commission, Brussels

Presentation transcript

1. Methods & Instruments: evidence-based approach to partnerships to ensure results and accountability?
Francesco Rampa
April 10, 2013
European Commission, Brussels
European Agribusiness in Africa: Opportunities and Challenges

2. Quick answer: CAADP  
•  Comprehensive Africa Agricultural Development Programme (CAADP)
•  Ownership, donors alignment and harmonization, results orientation and M&E, mutual accountability, inclusive partnerships (AAA)
•  Aims at Horizontal & Vertical Coherence
•  Public $/policy to address Mkt Failures and support/integrate SMEs into value-chains (VC)
•  Grow Africa … SAGCOT (Blueprint to guidePPPs)
•  Evidence-based!

3. Infograph

4. Not that simple: type of partnership?
•  3 levels of Partnerships: Global (e.g. GAIN/GWP), Regional (e.g. CAADP/GrowAfrica), Local (e.g. projects/joint ventures)
•  What scale and business model for Agrib-PPPs? Synergies/coordination across levels?
•  Different Rationale & Policy-implications: D-driven (local dev) or S-driven (local sourcing for global markets) or Publ.Procurement (public goods)? … LR investment (sustainability) or SR(max shareholders interests)?

5. Not that simple: evidence? 
•  ACCOUNTABILITY is key but not easy to attribute results, to this or that partner (MR)East Africa troubles: policy or agrib? Growth leads to less nutritious food: supermarkets or consumers?
•  Many methodologies to assess impact: Input-Output-Outcomes-Impact? (Project) M&E? (Policy) result chain trees? …
•  Many PSD Fora:- EU expert group on PS, Busan Building Block on public private cooperation, Donor Committee for EnterpriseDevelopment (DCED), …- DCED Standard for Results Measurement: benchmarks indicators are set to measure each key change expected
•  CSR impact measurement

6. Not that simple: evidence?
•  who measures (companies)?
•  “what u measure is what u get”!
•  role for CSOs at all 3 levels? (focus on wrong-doings) ground impact -middle level accountability -systematize info/share lessons
•  Publ.Procurement-type PPPs longer experience/culture of evaluation (output/outcomes)
•  trade off depth-costs of accountability(pragmatic & effective)
•  DPs cultural differences (US,NL, scepticals ,etc): more/less concerned about companies’ accountability + non-dev motivations (profit…negative impacts)

7. Not that simple: instruments & governance of PPPs?
•  Blending (Agenda for Change); GAFSP (IFCwindow); Challenge funds…
•  Good ideas (pushing for results) but not yet accepted “state-of-the-art”
•  depends on Governance of PPPs (membership?): who’s in charge? so many actors in VC (smallholders the weaker) e.g. driven by type of agribusiness: buying produce (price down?) or selling inputs (capital intensive?)?
•  How are VC relations formalized? E.g. contract farming…pros/cons[guaranteed mkt, technology, pre-financing of input][debt trap risk if contracts as collateral…“GuidingPrinciples for Responsible CF”]..let alone coord. different levels of PPPs/instruments

8. Permanent (Value Chain) Platforms for result-oriented and accountable partnership
•  coordinate all VC actors, focusing minds(corridors)•  holistic approach to business facilitation (multiple challenges)… appropriate PPP governance?transparency on contractual relations?
•  local but framed in Intl Partnerships (i.e. CAADP):clarify PPP objectives: e.g. maximise yields or nutrition?
•  medium-term TA & $ for SMEs to access Services &Clustering incentive, via right VC business-model (…appropriate instruments?)
•  policy reform follow-up: political not only technical obstacles to VC growth (including trade)
•  monitoring (CSO-business PPPs)… consumers (environmental &social responsibility) and certified compliance with codes of conduct or standards

9. Thank you

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