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ECDPM External Evaluation 2001-2005: Final Report

June 2006

Matter, K., Mwai, R.E., Sefuke, E., Sherriff, A. 2006. ECDPM external evaluation 2001-2005: Final report. Maastricht: ECDPM.

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The European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) is an impressive institution with a challenging and unique mandate. Broadly, given its size and structures, it is making an important contribution to the quality and effectiveness of development cooperation between North and South. This is particularly the case with respect to EU-ACP relations, where the Centre is highly regarded and valued by a large number of stakeholders on both sides.

The challenge for ECDPM is to consolidate and improve on its already impressive relevance and impact. The evaluation team noted and assessed a number of areas in which improvement is both possible and desirable. This will require refocus and change within ECDPM, but also support from its principal donors. Indeed, the challenging funding environment in which ECDPM finds itself represents a significant threat to the Centre’s mandate, strategy, ways of working and effectiveness.

The Centre evolved considerably during the 2001-05 period. ECDPM grew in size and budget; it became more professional and responsive to “demand” and more deeply engaged in all programme areas. Its new five-year strategy, developed in 2005, is considerably more comprehensive, thought-through and mature than the 2001 strategy, which was clearly written for an organisation in transition. During 2001-05, ECDPM had institutional financial support from the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland and Portugal. It had programme support from the United Kingdom, with numerous other donors providing more restricted project funds.

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