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EC Support to Production and Trade Adjustments under Existing Nationally Programmed Aid Activities: Lessons from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

Discussion Paper 111


Goodison, P. 2011. EC support to production and trade adjustments under existing nationally programmed aid activities: Lessons from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania (ECDPM Discussion Paper 111). Maastricht: ECDPM.

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Responding to the challenges that ACP producers face in adjusting to trade liberalisation is a question of increasing relevance in the context of the EPA process. This discussion paper analyses and draws lessons from the experience of several EAC countries in this area. It underlines the centrality of a private sector led and stakeholder-focused process of trade and production adjustment support in which vibrant producers associations have the centre stage, and elaborates ways in which European Union (EU) support could be made more readily compatible with such an approach. The lessons and implications drawn from this study are of strategic importance for the design of future trade adjustment and aid for trade programmes.


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