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Changing Minds and Attitudes: Towards Improved Belgian Technical Assistance

December 2006

ECDPM and ACE Europe. 2006. Evaluation for the Belgian Technical Cooperation, 2006.

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Together with ACE Europe, ECDPM prepared this study for the the Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC). The study focuses on:

  • The broad international policy discussions on TA and the current thinking about the place of TA in the context of the Paris Declaration on Harmonisation and Alignment
  • Good and innovative practices of other International Development Organisations (IDOs) in the area of TA, particularly bilaterals with similar mandates to those of BTC
  • Possible approaches for how TA provided by BTC could be made more effective by taking into account the international discourse on the topic and lessons learned by other IDOs
  • How the metier of TA, particularly BTC expert positions, could be made more attractive for experts working in Belgian development cooperation organisations, with a focus on BTC.

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