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Africa’s “Agenda 2063”: A continental vision for prosperity and inclusiveness

September 2013

Africa's "Agenda 2063": A continental vision for prosperity and inclusiveness. Sahra El Fassi, Africa-Europe Relations Blog, September 2013

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The call for ‘Pan-Africanism and African Renaissance’ has been echoing in the ivory towers of the African Union since the 1960s.  2013 –year of the OAU/AU Golden Jubilee – is an opportunity to put this ambitious African vision back on the political agenda. Skeptics might wonder how these lauds will resonate after the celebrations are over.

What they might have overlooked is however, that besides the congratulatory addresses and burning torches of hope and pride, the AU has actually been busy developing the Agenda 2063: an overarching strategic framework and vision for Africa over the next 50 years. At 50 years itself, the African Union Commission (AUC) turns not only to policy makers but also to African citizens and the Diaspora to enrich this vision.

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