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Advanced EC Seminar on Decentralisation and local governance

July 2012

European Commission EuropeAid. 2012. Advanced EC seminar on decentralisation and local governance. (ECDPM Presentation (contrib.)).

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ECDPM’s Jean Bossuyt was the lead facilitator of this meeting. ECDPM’s Alisa Herrero was also one of the experts facilitating this seminar, 2-5 July 2012

 The purpose of the advanced seminar is threefold:

  • to critically take stock of the new policy agendas and opportunities at field level for promoting decentralisation and local governance;
  • to exchange knowledge, lessons of experience and good practices on how to engage strategically in the political arena of decentralisation with a view to achieve better development and governance outcomes;
  •  to contribute to developing a critical mass among EC staff holding the necessary skills to support decentralisation processes efficiently and professionally.

The seminar will provide participants with an opportunity to:

  • Update their knowledge on recent EU policy developments (including the recent thematic evaluation of EC support to decentralisation) and their implications for strategies and approaches to decentralisation and local governance
  • Improve the capacity to better manage the ‘politics’ of the reform process in different country contexts, including fragile states
  • Upgrade their skills to facilitate multi-actor dialogue processes, address political issues in policy dialogue and design relevant response strategies
  • Upgrade their skills to design and implement adequate support programmes (from identification to monitoring and evaluation), including through combining national and local support
  • Discuss ways and means to better advocate for progresses on decentralisation in the context of the various EC cooperation tools
  • Become an active member of an EC learning network, connecting practitioners in HQ and Delegation.staff from various units.

Advanced EC seminar on decentralisation and local governance

Presentation of the seminar objectives and methodology by ECDPM 

Presentation of the key findings coming out of the survey sent to participants in advance – ECDPM

Panel discussion of 3 Delegations (Burkina Faso, Sri Lanka and Lebanon) to present different country contexts and related engagement strategies

Presentation and discussion of a practical case study exemplifying the challenges and dilemmas faced by the EC in the decentralisation arena: The ACORDS programme in Madagascar by Jorge Rodriguez (D2)

Presentation on key policy changes and resulting implications/challenges for the decentralisation & local governance agenda by ECDPM

Presentation of the key findings from the Thematic evaluation of EC support to decentralisation by Jorge Rodriguez (D2)

Key notes of Day 1

Interactive panel discussion involving 4 Delegations (Dominican Republic, Kenya, Afghanistan and India)

The general concept of Political Economy Analysis and its gradual uptake by the EU (with reference to DEVCO Note) by ECDPM

Presentation on Decentralisation and Budget Support by Jean Barbe

Presentation on the case of Ghana by Daria Fane

Short presentation by ECDPM on choice of aid modalities in support of decentralisation

Presentation of conceptual framework in line with PPCM chapter, and key lessons by Clara Molera

Key notes of Day 2

Interactive panel discussions involving 3 – 4 Delegations

Session 3.2 Integrating local governments in sector support programmes

Short framing presentation by Jean-Pierre Elong Mbassi

Short framing presentation by ECDPM

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